737-800NG Simulator

 Our simulator exactly reproduces the flight deck of the 737 NG, The seats, throttles, switches, pedals and yoke are original parts of the real aircraft. Other parts of the flight deck are 1/1 scale reproductions. All the aircraft systems represented in the flight deck are operational.
For the total ‘as real as it gets' feeling, the cockpit is surrounded by a 220° wraparound screen with HD imagery.

Land at the world's most famous and exotic airports!

Try out your skills on some of the most dangerous airport approaches, such as Hong Kong Kai Tak (VHHX), Saint Martin (TNCM), Madeira Funchal (LPMA), Skiathos (LGSK), Innsbruck (LOWI), Toncontin (MHTG), Santos Dumont (SBRJ) and many more!
Our simulator is the perfect tool to put yourself in the shoes of an airline pilot. Discover our FLY FOR FUN packages.
The simulator is an FBS (Fixed Based Simulator) type. It is an identical copy of the real  B737 NG cockpit.

Among all its features, you will find:

  • Fully functional avionics: primary flight display (PFD), navigation display (ND), flight management computers (FMC), autothrottle (A/T), autopilot (AP), inertial reference system (IRS)
  • HD 220° wraparound view.
  • 24,000 airports available
  • Dynamic weather conditions (visibility, cloud coverage, precipitation, etc.)
  • A failure management system (possibility to simulate failures of many aircraft systems, including engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics etc.)