Team Members

Mike Gurga - Co-Founder/President



Mike started flying at the age of 16. He attended Embry Riddle University and obtained his private pilot license, complete with instrument rating and multi engine. He received his business degree from Robert Morris university. Prior to opening EFS Mike spent 20+ years in the automotive industry including dealership operations and the corporate sector of automotive technology. Mike has a strong value and belief in providing only the best customer service. He loves receiving feedback from customers so the team here at EFS continues to improve in any which way.  In his free time, he loves to go boating and hanging out with friends and pulling some last minute trips with family.

Jake Minker - Manager/ Flight Instructor


 Jake has been with the company from the first day and has done a fabulous job with over one hundred EFS customers. Customers make special reservations to fly with Jake as he has great ability to make people feel comfortable with their skills of flying. Jacob has his Private Pilot License and is working towards becoming a Commercial airline Pilot. He currently owns a Beechcraft sport B19, and has over 90 hours flying. 

Ed Bristow - Flight Instructor


Ed is a retired United Airline pilot. He has been with United for the last 27 years. Ed started his career in 1969 when he went to flight school. In the last years of college, Ed Flight instructed in Indiana. He managed Fixed Base operation to further gain experience in flight instructing. After college Ed, flew for corporate companies for eleven years. After flying 11 for corporates, Ed was hired by United Airlines. Ed’s love for aviation and airplanes began at a young age. Ed is passionate and committed to aviation which makes him an exceptional instructor. He provides fantastic experience to each individual on their comfort level. Ed has over 30,000 hours experience of flying and brings fun and entertainment to EFS and its customers.

Jessica Kobiec - Reception


 Jessica started working for Extreme Flight Simulation (EFS) four days after the business opened. Her past experience in customer care, answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments and her skills in excel data entry is what brought her to the position. She came to EFS because she wanted to work at a business and watch it grow as a learning experience since she is a current student at DeVry University majoring in Business Sciences. 

Ari Nadler - Flight Instructor


 Ari is a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is a flight instructor and receptionist during the summer. After flying desktop simulators for years, Ari first flew in a small light civil aircraft in  October 2018. He looks forward to flying more hours towards his Private Pilot License. Ari loves sharing his passion for aviation and the 737 with customers and especially introducing kids into the world of aviation