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Birthday Party


Extreme Flight Simulation welcomes you to host birthday parties for ages 10 and up.  Attendees will have a classroom session detailing the B737-800NG simulator.  Afterwards each attendee will have a chance to fly with the birthday boy or girl creating a memorable experience.  We can work with you on catering or you can bring your own food.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Corporate Team Building Activities


Extreme Flight Simulation offers the perfect opportunity to develop team buidling events for your company.  

Just as in any company communication is one of the keys to success.  In aviation it's called CRM (Crew Resource Management).  Working together to achieve the common goal of a smooth successful flight.  

 After the classroom session, you will have the opportunity to become an airline pilot! By handling in-flight emergencies and attempting to coordinate safe landings, you will be able to practice teamwork in our 737NG airliner and simulator alongside our official instructors. Don’t let the pressure of an engine failure get to you! 


Contact us to find our more information and how we can tailor a session for your team.